Saturday, January 5, 2008

Clancy Brown

A big shout out to NU alum Clancy Brown on his birthday. Happy Birthday! Clancy, a well-known actor on stage and screen is also the voice of Mr. Krebs in "SpongeBob Squarepants." In addition, Clancy portrayed the role of "Kelvin Inman" on LOST. Two of Clancy's fans put together a website and blog dedicated to Clancy. Though the website looks not to have been updated since Dec. '06, it features quite an array of photos of Clancy from film, theater, television and personal appearances. Last March, the Official Clancy Brown Fan Club Charity Auction raised money for the Beth Brown Memorial Foundation. The foundation is a scholarship fund set up by Clancy's parents in memory of his older sister to help students who wish to study medicine.

(By the way, won't it be great when Lost finally goes back on air on Jan. 31.)

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