Friday, January 11, 2008

Sylvia Wolf

Seattle is thrilled that NU alum Sylvia Wolf will become the next curator at The Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington. As Jen Graves writes in The Stranger (Seattle's online newspaper):

By all accounts, Wolf is not a household name, a flashy personality, or an agent for radical change. Instead, according to colleagues around the country, she is a respected thinker and connoisseur, an impassioned professor, and an effective fundraiser who represents a wave of promising new women directors at American museums.

A native of Gloucester, Massachusetts, Wolf originally wanted to be a geologist. Instead, she earned her bachelor’s degree in French literature from Northwestern University, then went back to school for photography. She earned her master’s degree in fine arts at the Rhode Island School of Design. Wolf then took her degree into the museum world where she has become a leading curator. Fascinating!

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